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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Binance Has Recruited Khaby Lame To Drive The Adoption Of Web3

Binance, one of the world’s most famous crypto exchanges, recently partnered with Khaby Lame– the most followed creator on TikTok- to increase the awareness of the population regarding Web3.

The social media influencer will simply be acting as a global brand ambassador for the exchange, as he keeps debunking the myths that surround the space of crypto and blockchain. As it is known throughout the world, Lame rose to fame pretty quickly on TikTok, where he gained around 142 million followers with his videos calling out all of the DIY content creators who tend to make their things quite complicated. 

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Binance Has Paired up With Khaby Lame

Binance informed Cointelegraph that Khaby Lame could be quite an essential and successful recruitment for the exchange. As it stands, the signature style of Lame will be extremely efficient in creating content that will clear up most of the misconceptions that surround Web3.

According to James Rothwell, one of the executives at the crypt exchange, Lame could also be bringing in a much-needed relatability as Web3 adoption scales. In a statement, Khaby Lame also spoke about his curiosity about Web3 for quite some time now. According to him, this partnership with the crypto exchange does align perfectly with what he has been doing over the last year- making complicated things easier and more fun to deal with. 

Along with creating content that would be clearing up the myths about Web3, this TikTok star will also be creating NFT collections with Binance, with the goal of increasing fan engagement. One can state that recruiting Khaby Lame does follow the efforts of the firm to work with big celebrities to promote engagement. Just the previous week, the exchange partnered with Cristiano Ronaldo to introduce his fans into the space of Web3 through NFTs.

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