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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Binance Labs Has Been Leading The Seed Round For Ultiverse

The innovation incubator and the venture capital part of Binance, Binance Labs, has declared that it led the seeding round for Ultiverse. This was done to create a Web3- social gaming metaverse on the Chain of BNB.

Funds will be used to create this project, all the while attracting the top talents- something that could lead to the growth of the community even further. As it stands, Multiverse is used to connect Web3 with a VR that is quite compatible with a world home to the first triple A-blockchain game.

Binance Labs Could Very Well Pave The Way For Ultiverse 

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The CEO of Ultiverse, Frank Ma, recently stated that they were quite excited to see the development of Ultiverse along with Binance Labs and the introduction of the BNB Chain ecosystem. This would be possible considering they usually shared a common vision of the Web3 gaming metaverse. He was further confident that Ultiverse would be a major proof-of-concept that both Web3 and gamers have been rooting for. 

The investment director of Binance Labs, Nicole Zhang, also stated that MetaFi had always been a sector that the company believed in. They were also willing to put their chips in Ultiverse, as they heaped it would be the bridge between traditional and metaverse gaming. This would, in turn, lead to major innovations being developed in the industry as well as the community of Ultiverse.

For the uninformed, Binance Labs has made its forays in the investment, identification, and empowering of several viable blockchain entrepreneurs, communities, and startups. The company has also been interested in financing industry projects that usually grow into the larger blockchain ecosystem. The innovation arm of Binance has also committed itself to support fast-executing teams that usually impact the crypto space in a positive way.

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