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Bindi Irwin On Her Way To New Her After Being Diagnosed With Endometriosis

Bindi Irwin is quite optimistic regardless of being diagnosed with Endometriosis. A week has passed after she revealed her endometriosis diagnosis and Bindi Irwin says that she is looking ahead. 

Bindi Irwin Updates Her Supporters via Instagram

The Australian conservationist goes ahead to share with the supporters an update a week after Irwin threw light on her diagnosis of endometriosis. The update on Tuesday showed a picture of her cuddling a bouquet of red roses while seated on the bed. Bindi Irwin has been seen flashing a grin and closed eyes with comfortable clothes.

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Bindi Irwin captioned her picture as she has been healing. She also said that she positively spent her week going through all the kind words and strong stories where people even shared with her their personal experiences with the sickness. In the caption, she thanks everyone with all her heart.

While she is optimistic, the 24-year-old said that she can finally notice a new her while on her journey leading her to a better health condition. She also says that she is eager to gain health to focus her energy on her household and something that she is really passionate about which is conservation work. Bindi ends it by sending light and love.

Bindi Irwin broke her illness news to her fans the previous Tuesday. Bindi Irwin took the help of a picture she shared of herself situated in a bed of a hospital and opened up slowly about it. She said that she was not very sure if she would be comfortable sharing and talking about her illness publicly but finally she came to the conclusion of taking up her responsibility and sharing her journey for those women who are in need.

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