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Bitcoin Price Heading Towards A Crucial Phase After Last Resistance AT $50k

According to the analysts, the growth or breakout of Bitcoin would be determined by the occurrences in the market by the end of the day. Bitcoin grew manifold after suffering a significant blow. The growth came over months again on the 20th of August while crypto markets were held by an extended rebound.

Data from reliable sources confirm that Bitcoin is at its highest value as of Friday, since the month of May, when it saw a decline. BTC was observing daily growth by nearly 7% but observed a significant boost when the price rose to $48,630, with the prices rising even higher.

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This indicates that the largest cryptocurrency in the world had its biggest boost to date and that too during a massive sell wall which had been present for most of August. Eventually, there is a little hindrance for Bitcoin to cross the $50,000 threshold. Analysts also reveal that the daily close is one of the most important aspects to consider right now. It is so since daily close may be able to fixate on a breakdown from a wedge rise that has surrounded Bitcoin for nearly two weeks.

Bitcoin Prices To Affect The Sell Wall

The power held by the sell wall can be seen to decrease as Bitcoin values continue to rise, and this can be seen by the sell and buy levels at major exchanges. This used to be significantly denser than it is now and caused a solid barrier between both the price on the spot and $50,000. The declining tendency was on the low as of Friday and it is expected that BTC would rush past the mark of $50,000.

According to sources, the on-chain metrics and the fundamentals are inclined in support of BTC’s growth. There were many speculations of the current scenario to exist during late 2020, which was a little before the prime phase of the present bull run taking hold.

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