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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Bitcoin Witnesses Worst Week of 2021, Markets Remain Calm

The confidence of the investors has finally returned since the time that the markets witnessed a wild shake-up in the Bitcoin crypto. On the other hand, the recovery plan of $1.9 trillion by Biden is still making many problems.

The investors who are back to business today will be able to relax for a bit due to the reason that the market is appearing to be much calmer at the moment.

Bitcoin Getting Back On-Track

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The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency sector on a global basis is gradually recovering since the tumultuous activities of last week and has successfully managed to spike by 4% within the past 24 hours by gathering $1.4 trillion.

At the time of the rout of the market, the market cap had dropped and stood at $1.3 trillion. This was a major dip since just last week the market cap was more than a whopping $1.7 trillion.

Bitcoin is also seeming to get back on track after it slid to a very low of $43,000 during this weekend. However, within the past one week, the leading cryptocurrency of the world has shaved its price by almost 25%. This indicated the worst performance by Bitcoin after the collapse of the market in March 2020.

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The volatility degree is over 5% on both their 30-day and 60-day moving averages. In comparison to the 1.7% swing that took place in October 2020 when the BTC prices had dipped for some-time.

The situation was similar to all the top cryptocurrencies that showed profits. Ethereum has also recovered positively the previous day by gaining roughly 6% that was further motivated by the 18% surge of AAVE.

The aid package of $1.9 trillion by President Joe Biden is a crucial factor in determining the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

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