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BitPay Allows Crypto Business Transactions Through BitPay Send

BitPay is one of the biggest companies that provide bitcoin and cryptocurrency services for business transactions. Today, BitPay made a public announcement of launching ‘BitPay Send’ that will allow a new service of payout enabling several organizations to disburse payments to employees, associates, customers, contractors, vendors, and many others through cryptocurrency.

Numerous gig and global economies on the lookout for a quick, secure, and efficient method of sending payouts will find BitPay Send to be an ideal option for them. This is mainly because through this method, these organizations can easily make their payments on any given day, any time of the day and to any far and remote place on the planet.

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As a result, once you adopt this system of payout, you can make transactions on a global scale within a very less amount of time and at very less cost. Thus, it ensures a fast, cost-effective, and safe passage for crypto transactions.


Advantages Of BitPay Send

If an organization wants to ensure a hassle-free and quick way to conduct their business including the pay-rolling of payments, transacting with partners, affiliates or contractors, giving rewards, facilitating cash requests of customers, or settling any financial statement with marketplace sellers, you must opt for BitPay Send. By using this for their transactions, companies can easily make pre-tax payments and avoid the entire elongated procedure of managing digital currency. Besides, they can also eliminate the exposure of any risk or volatile situation that can possible take place.

AdGate Media is the first and foremost company to implement BitPay Send to handle their many transactions including making efficient and lucrative payments to associates around the world. Adgate Media provides numerous rewards to their customers and website users as well as connect virtual advertisers to the users of many popular apps.

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Dan Sapozhnikov, President of AdGate, stated that they have several affiliates who look for a way of payment using bitcoin, particularly the ones based outside Europe and North America, since, they face the trouble of getting access to proper bank account facilities. He also added that their greatest challenge was not wanting to purchase and retain crypto or wanting BitPay to handle those risks. As a consequence, they decided to opt for BitPay Send. In collaboration with the BitPay team, they were able to create BitPay Send to cut down the risks and manage all their complicated transactions in as little time as possible.

Beneficiaries no longer require any bank account. However, they do need a BitPay ID as well as a wallet of cryptocurrency. BitPay Send is guaranteed to reduce time, risk, cost, and complications while offering easy access to resources and organize fiscal activities.

Companies must pay 1% charges for domestic and international payments at a lesser amount of time and in a more secure manner than most other payment gateways. Customers must register their details for the Know-Your-Customer policy.

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