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BlueBenx Halted Funds Withdrawals, Fires Employees Due To A $32M Hack

Before Assuramaya Kuthumi, the company’s lawyer disclosed that the assault cost BlueBenx $32 million in lost income, many investors found it impossible to believe.BlueBenx, a Brazilian bitcoin lending platform, reportedly barred all 22,000 of its members from withdrawing their money after an alleged attack that resulted in the theft of $32 million. Even though no details of the attack were public, the firm allegedly sacked most of its employees.

BlueBenx joins the growing list of cryptocurrency businesses that have fallen short of their lofty yield return promises during this winter’s bear market. The Brazilian cryptocurrency lender offered consumers who invested in cryptocurrencies through several internal earning channels up to 66% returns.

BlueBenx Fund Withdrawals And Fire Employees Over A 32M USD Hack: 

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According to a report from the regional news site Portal do Bitcoin, BlueBenx stopped all withdrawals after being the target of a “very aggressive” hack. Investors found it difficult to accept that $32 million had been lost due to the attack, according to BlueBenx’s attorney, Assuramaya Kuthumi, given the murky circumstances surrounding the purported breach.

Investors lack confidence because several cryptocurrency firms, which promise large yields, have previously claimed similar events, concealing their inability to provide consumers with the returns they were promised while freezing money withdrawals.

Crypto investors are moving to test lower-risk cryptocurrency yields as safer tactics due to the rising risks associated with high-yield services, as indicated above.

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Due to the increased interest in that market due to this shift in inverter mood, crypto startups like Block Earner are forced to develop institutional products simultaneously.

The “less hazardous variant” of those returns saw a spike in interest, according to Block Earner, an Australian fintech business.

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