Brad Pitt Spills Tea About The Handsom Men He Knows

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has some opinions on a prize that most people would accept he could win easily. The magnanimous actor stated his recommendations for the “most handsome men in the world” from both the past and the present in an interview with Vogue that was posted on Instagram on Wednesday.

Since acting is his day job, Paul Newman is always the first name that comes to Pitt. Because of his elegant aging, he was tremendously unique and sincere. If Pitt mentioned a presenter, George Clooney would be the one. Usually, they take each other out, and only this time, he’d go the opposite way.

Le Domaine Skincare is Brad Pitt’s new grooming brand, which he also revealed when speaking with the magazine. He also revealed which of his well-known ex-wives played a significant role in his business.

Influential Women Behind Brad Pitt’s Business

In launching his celebrity-fronted brand, he publicly appreciates what Gwyneth Paltrow did with Goop. She was a natural curator, and it was a beautiful release for her creativity. she was the first person to convince him to wash his face twice a day.

Although he helped the Perrin family of vintners launch this brand, Pitt wanted to clarify that he is not the brand’s ambassador but is the innovator behind the products, which combine his expertise and passion for wine with his recent venture into skincare and employ antioxidants derived from grapes from Chateau Miraval.

Pitt said it only made sense for Chateau Miraval, the estate in France that he and his ex-wife Angelina Jolie bought a part also to be the home of Le Domaine. He wants to offer something that would be successful even though he understands how saturated the skincare industry is.

The items that have been emailed to him are monotonous. Last year, they tested Le Domaine, and Brad Pitt was surprised by the outcomes, which justifies moving forward.