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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Bre Tiesi Hits The Gym After Announcing The Birth Of Her Son

Just one month before giving birth to Legendary Love Nick Cannon, Bre Tiesi resumed her workout routine. The 31-year-old model shared an Instagram Post on Tuesday where she was seen seated on a reformer for pilates in a dimly lit space.

Tiesi, who birthed her kid on June 28, shared a variety of images and an 11-minute “graphic” Video on youtube of the at-home delivery to announce the boy’s arrival on Monday. After using multiple tactics to induce labor, the realtor admitted that she had been in labor for more than 10 hours.

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She has explained that her newborn was not birthed with complications as he only needed respiratory support after birth.

Legendary Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi were born with one hand by his year. This caused an elongated crown. Bre Tiesi said he was not crying at first in her YouTube video. She also added that they used an air tube on the newborn. Bre admitted that her child crying was the best sound she had ever heard.

Bre Tiesi Back In Gym After The Birth Of Her Son

Bre Tiesi said that giving birth was the best limit-pushing moment, yet it was really empowering for her and beautiful. She said that the intensity of the birth would take over the body, and she swears that she was pushing very hard and screaming and crying. She said she once doubted if she could keep doing it.

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In addition, the new mother set up a Legendary Instagram account where she posted videos and images from an ultrasound. Legendary is already almost one month old. For Cannon, the birth of Legendary was bittersweet.

Just one month after Zen, his son with Alyssa Scott, passed away from brain cancer, Tiesi’s pregnancy was made public. Only five months old, he was.

In addition, Cannon is the father of the twins Moroccan and Monroe, Golden, Powerful, and Zion and Zillion.

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