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bread bitcoin wallet review one of the best mobile wallets

Human technology has progressed primarily because of a need for greater convenience. Breadwallet, a new type of Bitcoin wallet, is a prime example of this. The wallet operates only on handheld devices with the iOS and Android operating systems. The team behind Breadwallet has the full intention to tap this form of technology that is growing at an exponential rate.

Most bitcoin wallets have their beginnings in desktop Like Bitcoin Loophole is an auto trading platform for cryptocurrency. It is one of the foremost tech solutions that have evolved. To make it easier to access, the teams, later on, develop an app for it for mobiles. In that sense, Breadwallet is completely unlike almost all other Bitcoin wallets.

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So what makes Breadwallet’s special beginnings work out?

Breadwallet: The Story

The bitcoin wallet was originally a wallet exclusively for the iPhone. Later on, it received its Android version. This is the reason behind its fame in the mobile community since it was launched back in 2013.

Although the Android port came three years after the iOS one, the platform had already become among the most popular wallets globally for mobile devices.

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Breadwallet includes a host of features such as:

Friendly For The User:


Breadwallet has an interface that is possibly the simplest to be found among any cryptocurrency wallets. The app has easy buttons for navigation. It is also resized to provide better visibility on the smaller screens of mobile devices. The platform also has a simplified display summarizing the amount of money sent and received, which makes it easier for novices as well.

Payment Verification Is Simple

SPV is a security feature unique to Breadwallet. The platform, through this system, can connect and pay the network of Bitcoin without having to go through any third parties. Coin addresses are also easy to enter.


Breadwallet has every intention of maintaining the strict privacy protocols demanded of any wallet. As such, not even its team members have any access to them. It also features data encryption and more to enhance security.

Starting Is Easy

Breadwallet does not require any type of lengthy registrations to successfully sign up before being able to use the service. It is perfect for urgent needs.

Wallet Support Is Easy

The platform has various Help buttons on every screen to help out users. One does not even have to quit transactions to receive it.

Open Source

Most importantly, Breadwallet is free of charge and is available on both iOS’ App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

Safety In Breadwallet

As talked about earlier, safety and privacy are paramount to any bitcoin wallet user. Breadwallet’s security features, as such, are the features that have the most acclaim.

The bitcoin wallet has a direct connection with the network of Bitcoin, eliminating potential data leaks through third parties. Moreover, the platform’s team also runs a verification on every transaction to make sure everything is in order.

Other Specifications Of Breadwallet

The platform does not have a definite fee. A percentage of any transaction is taken as the fee. The wallet however does not support all coins, but the most popular ones are included. These include tokens based on ethereum, tokens based on ethereum, bitcoin cash, and bitcoin.

Users have complete control of their funds due to the decentralized nature of the app. The platform also provides a reliable functionality for recovering data. Furthermore, there are almost no delays because of its ability to host a direct connection.

However, the platform does not have the feature known as multi-sig. The fees are also reportedly quite a bit higher than other platforms.

As such, the platform might be the safest and best bet for a wallet on mobile devices.

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