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Brendan Fraser Recalls His Struggles During George Of The Jungle

During a conversation with Adam Sandler, Airheads co-star Brendan Fraser, the actor was to reminisce on his character and the diet he followed for the movie in 1997. In George of the Jungle, Brendan went through tremendous efforts to portray the title character.

During Variety’s Actors on Actors series, Brendan, aged 54, talked about his time getting cut for the 1997 comedy. He reconnected with Adam Sandler, Fraser’s co-star from the 1994 movie about a rock music band that holds a radio station captive while looking for their powerful break on it.

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He was waxed and was lacking highly in carbohydrates. When performing the character in this entertaining film, Brendan Fraser stated that after work, he would drive back home and pause to have a snack.  Once when he reached the ATM because he wanted cash, Brendan couldn’t recall the PIN because something was wrong with his head. He said that he could not eat that evening.

Nostalgic Experiences Reminisced By Brendan Fraser And Adam Sandler

Sandler slightly pointed out the fact that Fraser’s charisma in the film let him down. He also joked that Brendan Fraser made them feel awful about themselves and quipped if he was muscled up at all during the film.  Fraser plays George, a humorous Tarzan-like figure who is transplanted from the forest to contemporary society in the movie. Fraser is mostly seen in the film with just a little loin cloth.

As the story follows, Brendan Fraser’s role, George, discovers the contemporary world, falls in love deeply with Ursula, played by Leslie Mann, and ultimately decides to stay in the jungle rather than move to San Francisco. Sandler and Fraser, who appear in Whale and Hustle 2022, recalled producing Airheads in 1994, under Michael Lehmann’s direction, the actress who starred in the film.

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Sandler, aged 56, asked Fraser if he remembered how he was found when he was younger, humorously. He joked that he took Fraser away from Pauly Shore, telling him to come over there.

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