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Britney Spears Comes Back On Instagram After Her Court Hearing!

Britney Spears apologized on Instagram for pretending about being okay for a long time! Britney Spears after noticing a change in her presence on social media decided to come back on Instagram. She talked about a lot of things. She started by saying how we all desire a life of fairy tales. On 24th June, Thursday, the singer of “Toxic” started her long Instagram post. She said that pretending about being okay was an important and powerful trait of her mother. She used to do that for Spears along with her siblings. 

Britney Spears Talks About Her Mother On Her Instagram Post!

Spears added that she is only sharing this on social media because she doesn’t want her fans to think about how perfect her life is. She declared that her life is not at all perfect. Britney Spears urged her fans to tune into the news to know how messy her life is. She continued about how she has not been at all okay for the last two years. She only hid that part of her life because of her embarrassment and pride. She also talked about how her pretending has helped her to be okay. 

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The artist also paired a quote with a caption regarding Albert Einstein. The message spoke about how one should read more fairytale stories to their children so that they can be more sharp and intelligent. Britney Spears said that Instagram has helped her while being in hell. Instagram is like an outlet designed to share her existence and presence. The Pop princess concluded by saying that she has decided to read more fairytale stories. On 23rd June, Wednesday, Spears had her virtual court hearing. 

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