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Britney Spears Credits Euphoria For Her Confidence

Britney Spears is a major fan of Euphoria and has often stated that the HBO series was a meditation for her- something that helped her overcome her troubles. She did talk about it on her Instagram on Friday, where she stated that for mental awareness week, she had watched the amazing show. She also shared a clip showing the lead actress shooting at another actress- the lead actress played by Zendaya. 

Britney Spears Lauds Euphoria

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the Mental Illness Awareness Week usually takes place between the 2nd of October and the 8th of October every year. The 40-year-old Britney Spears, according to the dates, was still under her conservatorship when she watched Euphoria. As it stands, her conservatorship ended on the 12th of November. She stated that watching the show and getting entertained by the plots made her anxiety go away. The show, to her, was like meditation. 

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In the early part of March, Britney Spears had also shared yet another tip that usually negated her anxiety- nail art. The singer of several famous hits started showing off her nude nails that were sometimes embellished with a pink butterfly, bow, and a lady emblem. She also stated that the charms usually changed her perspective on things. The singer went on to add that she had major social anxiety but she found hope when she saw her hands. While things looked pretty bleak under duress, she sometimes exploded with conversation when looking at her nails. 

In February, Britney Spears had uploaded a picture on Instagram- the letter Congress had sent her in December 2021. The letter had asked her to meet with them to discuss issues that were surrounding laws of conservatorship. 

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