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Britney Spears Flipped Off Cameras After Recent ‘Meltdown’ Incident

The 41-year-old pop icon Britney Spears was found flipping off to camera multiple times after a recent meltdown in a restaurant where she was seen acting frantic while mouthing gibberish to herself.

A Distraught Britney Spears Was Found In A Restaurant In Los Angeles Last Friday

In a recently posted Instagram video the artist was seen chaotically dancing while flipping her finger off to the camera, she poked her tongue out while rocking in a white colored strapless mini dress with yellow neon linings. She also tried to do hand signs which we are guessing might be of ‘Hook’ and ‘Horns’ or ‘rock on’. At some other points of the video, she could be seen applying foundation to herself while vibing to Divinyl’s song. 

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The singer also gave another refutation to the media in a seemingly obstinate Instagram meme reading that she did it as people said she couldn’t. It came up the right next day after a bizarre meltdown in a restaurant during a casual dinner date with her husband Sam Asghari which ended in him storming out of the place.

Spectators of this incident said that Britney Spears was found talking gibberish in the popular local hotspot JOEY in Los Angeles this Friday.

Footage of the scene confirms a visibly frayed Spears sitting alone in the establishment of Woodland Hills, holding a menu up close to her bare face while she realized other customers staring in her direction while recording her. The singer was seen talking on her own when her bodyguard escorted her out of there. Reports on this event are yet to appear and Asghari has declined to make any comments. The manager of Joey’s also refused to disclose any information further to this incident.

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Previously pop star Britney Spears discussed her long-lost war with mental health and disclosed her stresses with the conservatorship of 13 years. Lately, she also confessed to being held into a mental health provision up against her will.

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