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Britney Spears Makes Another Scene On Instagram

Britney Spears causing a scene or being chaotic on social media is not something unusual. She has done this before and she will do it again. She goes on and off on Instagram, leaving the fans wondering what’s cooking up behind the scenes.

Britney Spears’s Husband Plays A Protective Role In Her Life

Unlike many husbands Britney Spears’s husband plays an important role in her life, with all the drama she went through with her family, he has been there through thick and thin. And with the recent deactivation of the Instagram account of her wife Britney spears, he supported her decision. And shared a post on Instagram story stating how mandatory it is to take a break sometimes, especially from social media.

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Britney Spears made her appearance on Instagram with a controversial video of her. And to many followers that seems offensive. Britney Spears captioned the video in her defense that it was her birthday and she can do whatever she desires. And after her conservatorship ended, she thinks of herself as the bird who got out of the cage. In the video, she is dancing to a song smothered her face with cake frosting, and even eating cake off the floor. She captioned this is the first time in 15 years she is being treated as an equal no one has no right over her.

A few days back before deactivating her Instagram account she posted a picture of her sister Jayme Lynn Spears, with her she has been feuding for over a decade and suddenly she posted a picture of her praising her on he birthday. Making billions of fans confused. This is not the first time Britney Spears has called out her family member she has called out everyone in her family. So posting on her sister’s birthday was unsettling for fans.

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