Britney Spears Sorry For Yelling

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Britney Spears is apologizing to former “Zoey 101” co-star Alexa Nikolas after a since-deleted video of the singer yelling at the actress in 2007 surfaced on social media.

Britney Spears is apologizing to former “Zoey 101” co-star Alexa Nikolas for yelling at her during a recent interview. In a lengthy post on Instagram, the 39-year-old singer said she was “deeply sorry” for becoming angry with her former costar after being asked about sexual harassment allegations against producer Larry Nassar in January 2019.

“I am deeply sorry for hurting you and others who have been hurt by my behavior,” Spears wrote Thursday. “I have never lied about my life experiences or what I have gone through and I never will but I can understand why you may not believe me… and that makes me feel even sadder that this happened to you at all because I know how hard it is to go through something like this alone… So please believe me when I say that no matter how upset anyone gets or what they do or say to each other while trying to get their point across… It doesn’t change anything if we don’t forgive them. Yelling at someone isn’t the same thing as forgiving them…

Britney Spears Says Sorry To Alexa Nikolas

Britney Spears posted a lengthy apology to Nikolas, who played Nicole Bristow on the Nickelodeon series, after a since-deleted video of Britney Spears yelling at the actress in 2007 surfaced on social media.

“You know what I mean? You got all your s*** together and you stopped being a little b***h and now you’re doing your own thing and it’s great that we met each other, but it doesn’t have to be this way forever. Let me be there for you like I was before with my support system … yeah my mommy instincts are telling me this girl needs help! She has issues! She doesn’t know how to deal with them so she hides them under drugs or alcohol … No one knows what she does behind closed doors except for her husband who supports her because he loves her regardless (sic), but he will leave eventually because nobody wants their kids around someone who uses substances everyday 24 hours 365 days a year! That includes herself too!! We all have feelings too many times people don’t realize it until its too late when they’ve lost everything including themselves that’s why they don’t care anymore they’re just numb inside so please take care of yourself!! God bless.”

According to Nikolas, she was asked to leave the show because of her alleged drug use. She says she was never given the opportunity to defend herself against these claims, which are still in question.

In a statement Thursday evening, Lutfi said he felt “really bad” about the situation and that his intention was never to hurt Nikolas. He added that he had written “Bad Alexa” on his hand prior to meeting with her legal team at her house on August 6th so they would know how much he cared about her well-being.