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Friday, December 9, 2022

Britney Spears Wants Her Fans To Fear Her

In the view of the ‘Toxic’ singer, Britney Spears, she wants people to fear her rather than love her. In one of her posts that she recently added on Instagram, Britney Spears wrote that at this moment she does not want the sympathy of her fans just because her conservatorship ended a few days back. 

Britney Spears Finally Got Freedom From Her Conservatorship

According to Britney Spears, she does not want the pity of her fans, rather she will prefer them to be scared of her. She gave such a strong statement as people took advantage of her when she was good and nice and thus she does not want the compassion of others. She wrote this caption with a photo of her where she is wearing a black off-shoulder top with a blacktop. 

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The 41-year-old singer recently went on a trip to Las Vegas and performed ‘Piece of Me’ under the guidance of her father, Jamie and she said that it changed her life completely and gave her a new perspective. She added that whenever she went to Las Vegas, she had to meet with many people that used to take a lot of her time. She even had to spend every night with more or less 40 people and then perform for two hours straight. 

Britney Spears revealed earlier that in four years she had just gone out two times and that is the hard truth. The conservatorship of Brittney Spears ended in 2021 after 14 long years by a judge of Los Angeles, Brenda Penny. She got her freedom back and can again control her million-dollar property and thus she posted that it was the best day of her life. 

She tweeted that she loves her fans very much and her long-awaited freedom brought tears to her eyes. Mathew Rosengart, the lawyer of Britney Spears stated that the day was monumental for her and he is extremely proud of her.

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