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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Britney’s Father Jamie Spears Teams Up With Her Ex

Britney Spears’s father Jamie Spears has teamed up with her ex-boyfriend, Kevin Federline to write a new book about fatherhood in the middle of intense public drama revolving around the lady in their lives. They have faced flak online after the announcement, with some alleging that the only career they ever had was milking Britney’s name.

44-year-old Federline took the initiative on working on the book on raising two kids and Jamie Spears has agreed to pitch in with his experience. Journalist Daphne Barak revealed the news of the collaboration who has interviewed both Jamie Spears and Kevin Federline. It led to explosive revelations about all their personal lives.

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The two men in Britney’s lives were previously not on talking terms after Britney’s ex-boyfriend managed a restraining order against her alleging that she had abused his son, Sean Preston, and preventing the latter from visiting his grandchild.

Netizens Slammed Jamie Spears And Federline For Not Caring About Their Children

The news of Jamie Spears and Federline was not received kindly on social media and they were slammed for their move. Many pointed out that both of them had never been ideal fathers to their kids and were just in it for the money.

Others could not believe that Jamie Spears and Federline would team up and say that few people would buy their book about their fatherhood experience. one user said it was laughable despite the crap. Other disparaged them as two shining examples of fatherhood.

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One person wrote on Twitter that Federline could be charged with endangering his children as he was exposing the minor kids to public scrutiny and potential harm by teaming up with Jamie Spears who had been issued a restraining order against these children. They also alleged that exposing them to the intense scrutiny of the press was harmful to the two children, calling them Epstein apologists.

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