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Brooke Shields Gives Lessons To Daughters On Handling “Nasty” Internet Critics

In a special interview, Brooke Shields discussed how she teaches Rowan and Grier, her daughters, to avoid making hurtful comments online. The negativity should not be around Brooke Shields’ family, she says.

The use of social media by her daughters 19-year-old Rowan Francis Henchy, and 16-year-old Grier Hammond Henchy, as well as Chris Henchy (her husband), is a particular concern.

Brooke Shields On The Usage Of Social Media

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The supermodel exclusively told E! News, I try not to do too much preaching. ‘They’ve known me all their lives and have used me as an example. As a result, whenever I am faced with a decision, I talk to the children about it rather than telling them what to do.’

Her kids read the social media comments even though she doesn’t. They will often comment about the nastiness of people being amazing to them, she said. Instead of lecturing them, that is the time to talk about it.

She sets an excellent example. The 57-year-old said, that as the creator of Beginning Is Now, which is a lifestyle brand and online platform for women, the kids are watching her begin her own company.

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‘They are asking themselves, Well, if the mother can do such stuff, what do they wish to do?’ as they watch their mother, who had a particular type of career, navigate the business world. They do not have to do what she did, but they can keep their sense of personality, advocate for themselves, and accept who they are along with everything that goes with it.

She does this in the knowledge that her daughters will develop their own standards rather than feel the pressure to conform to anyone. In order for those discussions to continue, Brooke insisted that the other person must witness her struggle and eventual success—or at the very least, her ability to live a healthy life. ‘All activity is monitored. They keep an eye on everything. Like tiny hawks, they resemble.’

That’s what Brooke Shields wants for every woman watching, not just her daughters. She mad Beginning Is Now for this reason.

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