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Possibility Of First Bitcoin ETF Of Australia To Attract $1 Billion

The regulators of Finance have approved the Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) of Australia and this first ETF can initiate its trading from the 27th of April. As per the reports of the Australian Financial Review, they are predicting an inflow of approximately $1 billion. An ETF is a regulated fund whose objective is to give the investors an opportunity to take benefits from the bitcoin’s price. However, the only twist is that they do not have to be directly the owner of coins. 

Investors Of Australia Can Trade Bitcoin Spot ETF From Next Week

Cosmos Asset Management defeated regional contenders like BetaShares, Securities of EFT, and VanEck to sanction the first bitcoin ETF in Australia. Every company are trying to finish the approvals of regulations since March which has been stated by the Sydney Morning Herald. 

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The Bitcoin ETF of the Cosmos Asset Management will be soon on the list on CBOE Australia after getting approved by the ASX. The approval was given after Cosmos got four participants of the market who agreed to support the required margin of 42% which was essential to get over the risk as per the ARF article. 

The ETF of Cosmos Bitcoin gives an offer of providing exposure to catch BTC that must be needed to invest via the Canadian Purpose Bitcoin ETF. In the views of Kurt Grumelart, the trader of Zerocap which is a Wealth Management Company in Australia, the approval of ETF is very exciting news and this step makes sure that there will be more adoption of institutions in the future. 

Recently, there was a launch of a fund by Betashares CRYP which has broken all records and this fund was used for investment in the U.S. Shares that are exposed to crypto. He also predicted that in case the launch is successful, there will be a huge list of funds that will be based on crypto assets outside of BTC.

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