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CA Stimulus Check: Latest Batch Has Been Sent

The stimulus checks under the GS Stimulus program have helped out a lot of Californians. Officials claim that about 67% of the residents had qualified for financial support. Over 50% of Californian residents have already been sent their GSS payments. So what is the status of the remaining?

These Are The Last CA Stimulus Checks For Now

If you are still waiting for your one-time stimulus check worth $600, and perhaps more based on your situation, and if it is supposed to be directly deposited, then there is no need for worry. The payment should be deposited before the week is over on 31st October.

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However, the process will take a little bit longer for those expecting paper stimulus checks. If you are one of them, then the CFTB (California Franchise Tax Board) states that recipients should be prepared to wait for about 3 weeks from its day of dispatch. The exact timeframe of its dispatch is going to be based on the postal code of your mailbox. Here is the approximate timetable:

001 to 065: 4th Oct to 22nd Oct

066 to 221: 18th Oct to 5th Nov

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222 to 302: 1st Nov to 19th Nov

303 to 543: 15th Nov to 3rd Dec

544 to 709: 29th Nov to 17th Dec

710 to 998: 13th Dec to 31st Dec

The CA stimulus check package was worth $3.8Mn and was approved in February. It has ensured 5.7Mn relief payments to Californians, with 67% of the total population of the state qualifying for the payments. 

The qualifying taxpayers (with an AGI between $30k and $75k) will get a one-time stimulus check worth $600. People with ITINs (Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers), usually undocumented workers and immigrants, will be paid another $600. Furthermore, taxpayers with dependents will also get another $500.

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