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Stimulus Check News: California Gets Lucky Courtesy Gov. Newsom

Stimulus Check Number Four is the hot topic circulating in the US. Politicians & the Common masses are heavily petitioning for added payments. However, the government and Congress do not seem to be keen. President Joe Biden has decided to leave the matters in the hands of Congress. With the economy seemingly, fighting back, a fourth check seems unlikely. But if you are a resident of California, you should rejoice! The governor has announced an added-on payment for Californians. These should reach the people soon. 

Stimulus Check For California Announced

Governor Gavin Newsom has good news for the Californians. He has announced an extra set of exclusive payments for all the California people. A bill has been passed by a group of politicians. This bill provides for Stimulus Check, Reliefs on rent & Business support. The total worth of the plan is estimated at $100billion.

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This plan was first idealized back in the month of May. He named this program ” California Comeback Plan”. This program aims at recovering people’s financial status. It also looks to rejuvenate the depleted economy. Citizens of California will receive direct cash assistance. Newsom claims this program to have the largest credits on tax. It is also said to provide the best assistance to small entrepreneurs. 

People residing in California are set to receive a sum of $600. Almost all the residents will be eligible for the payment. Families that have kids, will receive extra amounts of $500. This will surely boost up the morals of the individuals considerably. 

Apart from the mentioned Stimulus Check, benefits will also be provided to small firms. A provision of $1.5billion has been estimated to aid local entrepreneurs. Relief on rent will also be provided. The bill will pay out all the existing backlogs for families struggling to manage their rent. 

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