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Monday, August 15, 2022

$500 Stimulus Check For Immigrant Families In California Can Come This Week!

There is a major update regarding the California stimulus check! The Californian illegal immigrant families will receive payments of $500. About one-third of the residents living inside the state will receive a stimulus check of $600. Gavin Newsom, Governor of California is pushing the budget of the state. 

You Can Get Your Stimulus Check In The Upcoming Weeks!

This week, the budget of this state having nearly 40M residents will get approved by all the lawmakers. This will mark the 2nd series of checks to be passed and given to the residents of the state. The taxpayers having income levels of up to $75k per year will be given a stimulus check of $600. The proposals also include an additional check of $500 for all the families having dependents and a payment of $500 to all those illegal immigrant families. The reports state that a total amount of $8.1 bn has been kept aside, which will cover the cost regarding these upcoming stimulus checks. 

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Previously, three series of stimulus payments have already been passed by this federal government. However, there is no update regarding when you can receive your stimulus check. The checks have been passed by this federal government to help all those working Americans struggling to make ends meet during this Coronavirus pandemic.

If you are eligible for this third round you will get your check soon! The population of California is now around 39.5M. Around 26M California residents are expecting to get their hands on the stimulus checks in the upcoming weeks. Additionally, a $5.2 bn plan is being approved by the lawmakers to pay the unpaid rent of the struggling Americans! There are more chances that you will be receiving your check soon!

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