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Stimulus Checks For Majority Of The Californians 

The Golden stimulus checks that will be provided in the state of California will reduce the economic hardships of most of the people of the state. It is to be noted that not all citizens qualify for the payments. A statement was given by one of the officials concerned with the financial aid payments to the subject of the amount that will be provided. The “Franchise Tax Board” member, Andrew LePage clearly stated that the eligible citizens can expect somewhere between 500 to 1,200 USD generally. 

Stimulus Check- What Matters And What Doesn’t

LePage also gave an insight on the eligibility criteria that must be followed in order to receive the stimulus checks financial aid payments. It was stated that those people whose income does not surpass 75,000 USD, are perfectly eligible to receive the money. Along with that, they will have to be residents of the state of California for the most part of the year, they cannot be dependent and will have to have filed their taxes for the year 2020 prior to the 15th of October, 2021. 

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Now addressing the question of the amount of the stimulus checks financial aid payment according to the eligibility criteria. If one qualifies, then they can expect to receive a total of 600 USD. There are people looking to file jointly, it must be noted that their total income if combined, should not cross 75,000 USD. In case one receives the first round of the stimulus checks financial aid payments, they will not receive the money distributed in the second batch. LePage also stated that the number of dependents does not matter. It does not define the amount or the eligibility. What is more important is the fact that if the dependent is one or more than that.   

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