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California Stimulus Check- Important Dates

The residents of the state of California are set to receive the second batch of stimulus checks. They will be generated in the last remaining days of the month of August. This information was given by the “Franchise Tax Board” of the state. The money originates from the “Comeback Plan.” The said plan was approved by Gavin Newsom, the governor of the state of California belonging to the Democratic Party. He gave the approval in the month of July. 

Stimulus Check Eligibility Rules

The second batch of the stimulus checks financial aid payments is a continuation of the comeback plan. The Democratic governors already approved it. The main idea behind the plan is to provide financial aid to the citizens of the state in times of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It was announced that the payments will be distributed someday between the 1st of September and the 15th of October this year.

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The stimulus checks provided by the state of California will reach the people either by directly generating it to the accounts of the people or through paper checks. Generally, the state residents will receive the money through the medium they choose while filling their options for the tax returns. The ones who went for direct deposit will directly receive the money in their bank accounts.

And the ones who selected the mail option will receive it accordingly. Those residents who received an extra amount of the refund will also receive the stimulus checks financial aid payments by paper checks mail. As per the eligibility conditions, the gross income must be somewhere between 0 to 75,000 USD for the tax year 2020. Along with that, the person must have been a resident of California in order to receive the stimulus check financial aid payments for over 50% of the tax year 2020. And the dependent must either be a qualifying relative or a qualifying child.   

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