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Call Of Duty Patch Notes Reveal Season 6 Updates

Gamers, if you have been waiting to know what the Call of Duty season 6 will bring, your wait is over. The latest update, with patch notes revealed, has confirmed many of your predictions, with awesome surprises. 

As informed by Ashton Williams, the senior communications manager from Infinity Ward, the multiplayer shooter game went live on 28th September. As usual, the timing of the season update happened at 11 PM PT. As per schedule, it went on to 7 AM GMT and 2 AM ET on the 29th of September. As for Australian gamers, you will receive the patch notes and Call of Duty season 6 update from 4 PM AEST today. 

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare And Warzone General Fixes

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During the live event, it was revealed that the Call of Duty creators included a tin of general fixes. With regard to C4, whenever a gamer uses the quick detonation trigger, you will be able to hear a beep. Moreover, they have modified the throw velocity and dropped the speed by 30 percent. As per the patch notes, gamers will be able to hold an unlimited amount of stopping power rounds. 

As for the weapons, the creators reduced the close range damage for the Origin 12 shotgun. Meanwhile, the slug damage for shot Warzone shotguns has been substantially increased. Moreover, the patch has fixed the issue related to the gamer’s heartbeat or watch sensor that used to fail while utilizing the XRK chainsaw. Now, it will be fully visible while you use the chainsaw on the Call of Duty Finn LMG. 

Haunting Of Verdansk: A Halloween Inspired Event To Be Features On The Game

As for Call of Duty Warzone, you won’t be facing any collision problem in the Stadium now. Also, say goodbye to the exploit where you saw through the fence because this has been fixed by the patch as well. As per reports, the problem that stopped gamers from damaging their rivals while in the ascender has been fixed as well. 

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The entire patch note has been released by Infinity Ward online. Even so, the company had already revealed what the Call of Duty season 6 updates would be before the event. Some of the upgrades include exclusive maps for Modern Warfare, an updated subway system for the Battle Royale game, and exclusive new weapons. 

Additionally, Infinity Ward has also introduced several new game operators. One of them is the Modern Warfare campaign’s Farrah. Moreover, gamers will have to access a brand new Battle Pass to Access Infinity Ward’s most popular multiplayer shooter game. 

Another fun surprise revealed by the company is that gamers will now enjoy a Halloween inspired event, The Haunting of Verdansk, which will feature rewards and limited-time systems. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have more content exclusively for PS4. Meanwhile, Survival Mode will be made available for PC gamers and Xbox owners as well. 

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