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Camila Cabello Hits Out At Rude Fans For Chanting During UCL Performance

Camila Cabello has hit back at rude soccer fans who kept chanting and singing their club anthems during her opening performance at the 2022 UEFA Champions League Final. In a new-deleted tweet, she clapped back after they kept chanting throughout her performance at the chaotic finals.

The pop star’s performance was the warm-up to the event at Paris’ Stade de France. The event was marred by ticketing issues, delays, and a drop and uninspiring game. An hour before the kick-off to the year’s biggest footballing event, security guards were overwhelmed by unruly fans who jumped the gate to enter the stadium.

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The game was delayed by 36 minutes and Camila Cabello was shouted down and booed during the performance, as fans were already miffed at the delay.

Fans Of Both Clubs Equally Rude To Camila Cabello

Both Liverpool and Real Madrid fans were equally rude, and it seemed that they came together to jeer her throughout the performance. Camila Cabello rued that it was unbelievable that people kept jeering and singing their team’s songs during the performance. She said that she and her team had worked tirelessly for the show.

It appears that an apology was in order from the two clubs and the organizers of the show, as the whole incident was downright disrespectful to Camila Cabello and reflected poorly on the image of football.

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While such performances are more seen in the Super Bowl, soccer fans are not used to such shows, but they smack of outright disrespect to a performer.

Liverpool has also requested an investigation into the incident where their fans were sprayed with tear gas by riot gear-wielding police. A statement from the club said that they were disappointed at the entry issues before the game and the breakdown of the security perimeter around the Liverpool fans.

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