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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Can Another Stimulus Check Still Happen?

As the United States is feeling the effects of the Delta variant of covid-19, many are still searching for relief financially. They have only one major question in their mind: whether Americans are going to get another stimulus check any time soon.

Stimulus Check 4 Is Very Unlikely

The quickest answer to the question is that, unfortunately, it is not going to happen in all possibility. On 30th July, legislation was proposed by progressive lawmakers of the Democratic Party. It sought to start stimulus checks that recur every set period. Otherwise, they wanted to start programs that would guarantee income. The plan was to give each adult $1200 and each child $600 worth of recurring stimulus checks.

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Representative Ilhan Omar had tweeted about her proposed bill which is called the SUPPORT Act. She aimed to focus on new economic policies and economic indicators that would prioritize equitable growth and sustainability. She also talked about the GPI Act that would be built to reflect the everyday needs of Americans.

However, neither of them had any timelines or deadlines. It is not even certain if the legislation will ever be considered. There is also uncertainty over the time taken to implement these new programs, should the bills get approved by the federal government.

The answers will have to wait since Congress is currently in recess. It will resume in September. But the priority of lawmakers even when Congress returns will probably be the bipartisan infrastructure bill worth $1Tn instead of another stimulus check. Another reconciliation budget plan worth $3.5Tn is also being worked on. Both of these would aim to improve the environment, health, and family services.

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Finally, there have been no indications from Congress leaders or the House regarding any more stimulus checks.

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