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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Can Delta Stock Learn From The Accidents Of 1918?

This pandemic can cloud Delta stocks.

Airlines is a sector that can use some positive news now, of which DAL’s case is most desperate. Delta stock can get hurt because of Delta’s decision to not slash prices and not get started until next year.

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So Delta stock owners got relieved when Pfizer declared it’s vaccine candidate as over 90% effective. Peer review and further tests will bring down the effectiveness rate.

Being an RNA-based vaccine, Pfizer has credibility because this vaccine wouldn’t be able to interfere with human being’s sensitive DNA, thus making it safe.

Naturally, the Delta stock spiked due to the announcement. Distributing a viable vaccine to the people mitigates this crisis. When that happens, it will boost consumer sentiment.

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The Delta stock owners must take encouragement from the evidence of the 1918 epidemic which demonstrates how quickly the transportation industry can recover.

The Pandemic of 1918 hit the U.S killing 675,000 Americans. But that didn’t stop them from using crowded trains. We can deduce from Roaring Twenties, people stopped fearing the pandemic. That same sentiment can help Delta stock push up.

Delta Stock: Victim Of Disruption Of Space-time Continuum?

In the 2nd part of Back To The Future, while changing the fate of the younger self-using time-travel, the protagonists discover that all of it has changed after returning to the present.

History repeats itself, Delta stock owners can gain from this speculation. But following this approach can be tricky.

According to Railway Age’s historical records, churches, entertainment venues, and schools were closed down. Pamphlets urging social distancing and sanitary practices were distributed.

Due to the lack of proper lockdown measures and politicization, we are in the worst crisis. State governors must choose between saving the economy and saving lives.

According to a journal from February 2008, fear and stigma lead to mismanagement of any outbreak. President Trump instead of uniting the country fueled and encouraged stigmatization. He continued downplaying this virus.

Trump should have shown his leadership skills to become one of the successful Presidents in such a crisis. Instead, he rampaged on social media.

However, multiple leaders failed and with COVID-19 cases reaching 195,000 on Nov. 12, the situation is not pleasant for Delta stock.

Forgotten Lessons

Usually, people end up repeating the same mistakes they made but you have to be very audacious to make worse mistakes. Ignoring the scientific approach, they are just fighting the fire using fire.

Rather than taking a common-sense approach, they are digging their heads deeper into the sand. People won’t forget the unjust Trump era for mocking and ignoring safety protocols.

Instead of learning from lessons of the past, we made things worse. Thus, it will probably be safe to stop betting on Delta stocks. The recovery of the railroad sector in 1918 and the situation now occupy different dimensions on the continuum of space-time.

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