Canaan Cox First Priority Aesthetic

canaan cox

His music must present aesthetic art like Canaan Cox. Which is why he doesn’t trust anyone to work behalf of him. He does everything by himself. A piece of music must have everything it needed the art, the authenticity, and perhaps a “gallery kind of vibe”.He is a country artist and makes music from the soul. Music brought his life partner to her.

Canaan Cox And His Wife’s Story Is Straight Out Of Nicholas Spark

He shared how his love for music led to his wife. Canaan Cox and his wife met on a cruise ship. She is from England. Perhaps he thought it wouldn’t work out given their country. Long distance won’t work it was cox’s primary belief.

He compared his love story to Nicholas Sparks’ love story. His love story would consist of 600 pages book. Canaan Cox is confident that the book wouldn’t have been a bestseller but could have released great songs. Canaan Cox and Kimberly didn’t contact each other for three years and suddenly she called him. He landed on her doorstep and the start of a new story. They were confused after seeing each other. After that, they settled down and worked things out. It’s already been two years since Canaan Cox and Kimberly are married.

His current single Twice is depicting their love story. They found love the next time. Cox found it difficult to portray the whole story within two to three minutes. It’s definitely hard to fit all the emotions within a short span of time. Love takes years after years music is the only thing that takes a maximum of five minutes. Canaan Cox has knowledge about rhythm and another sophisticated part of the music which listeners are unaware of. He has a degree from Catawba College 2012 batch.