Candace Cameron Bure Express Her Grief On The Tragic Texas Shooting

candace cameron bure

Candace Cameroon Bure has finally broken her silence. She was being criticized for not voicing her opinions and remaining silent after the Texas Shooting. The state of Texas was hit hard a few days ago. An armed man stormed into the premises of an elementary school and fired openly on innocent people inside the school. As many as twenty-one people lost their lives and many others were injured.

This was one of the biggest tragedies in the history of America in recent times. Most actors and celebrities took to the internet to protest the gruesome act. However, Cameron decided to stay silent for a fairly long time. Finally, she posted a story on Instagram that saw her addressing the Texas issue at last. She cried in the video and told her fans that she was trying to soak in the initial shock of the incident.

The actress stated that she was so dumbfounded by the incident that she did not have the power to react. Candace Cameron Bure also said that not voicing one’s opinion on the internet does not mean the person is ignorant about the incident. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Candace Cameron Bure Post Teary-Eyed Video 

Candace Cameron Bure has finally broken the silence on the Texas Shooting incident. Bure stated that she did not have any words of sympathy for those who lost their children. She stated that being a mother herself, she can understand the pain of all the mothers out there. 

Cameron Candace Bure extended her sympathy to all the affected families. Bure also said that the school must be a place where children should feel safe. She urged the government to take necessary steps in preventing such incidents in the future.