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Friday, January 15, 2021

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson furious due to political emails

  • Cardano’s CEO, Charles Hoskinson, recently received a political email from Expensify’s CEO.
  • Soon enough, he discovered that the same is true for most of IOHK’s employees.
  • Hoskinson found this extremely distasteful, and noted that IOHK will immediately start looking for a vendor.

The time for US presidential elections has almost arrived, which led to a lot of people supporting their preferred candidate in a number of different ways. However, while some get excited when the elections approach, others do not, and Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson apparently doesn’t like mixing politics with business.

IOHK employees and CEO bombarded with political emails

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According to his recent tweet, Hoskinson received an email from the CEO of Expensify, David Barrett. The email was Barrett’s personal plea to vote for the presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

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Hoskinson was rather annoyed by this, noting that his first thought was that Barrett must have had his email account hacked by some Biden supporter. However, it turned out that this was not the case.

Hoskinson then tweeted: “I just received an email from @expensify CEO David Barrett telling me to vote for Joe Biden. IOHK currently uses Expensify services. We will immediately begin looking for a new vendor. I did not sign up to have a service provider CEO email my employees pushing a political agenda.

It was not long before Hoskinson discovered that he was not the only one who received this email. In fact, it was sent to an entire group of IOHK’s employees.

He also mentioned this in a recent YouTube video, noting that he cannot remember receiving such an email from an established company ever before in his life.

Hoskinson’s wants an apolitical approach, but differently than Coinbase CEO

IOHK definitely did use Expensify’s services in the early days of its existence, but Hoskinson noted that he is not sure if that is still the case. But, even if it was, he stressed that it will not stay the firm’s client for long.

Many have noted that this sounds rather similar to Brian Armstrong’s recent highly criticized announcement that political discussions are forbidden within Coinbase, although there are important differences. For example, Hoskinson supports freedom of expression and pluralism, and he noted that he would never force his own ideology on employees or customers.

However, having one of the firm’s partners/service providers do something like this is not tolerable to him.

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