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Friday, September 18, 2020

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World Share Markets To Get a Major Boost Through Coronavirus Vaccines

The world's market on stocks got together on Monday with the hopes that a coronavirus vaccine would boost their ranks. Yet, most...

Japan’s PM Vote and Britain’s Pound Fluctuations Are Garnering More Attention Than the Depreciation in the US Dollar

While the Asian market suffered a depreciation of the US Dollar, most of the focus was on the Japanese Yen and the...
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Must Read

Monero (XMR) workgroup urges the IRS to study XMR

Per XMR’s spokesperson, the IRS should focus on building XMR instead of trying to destroy it. According to XMR’s workgroup, the US Dollar is also...
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Uniswap’s new UNI token emerges on Coinbase Pro

Uniswap recently launched its new governance token, UNI. Only hours later, UNI ended up on most major exchanges, including Binance, and then Coinbase. The deposits on...

VeChain joins up with the Chinese Food Safety Alliance

Blockchain project VeChain, which specializes in supply chains, just became a member of CAFA. CAFA (China Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance) has 130 firms,...

Singapore dollar climbs to January highs on strong recovery

The USD/SGD pair declined to January lows as sentiment on Singapore continued to improve. Recent data like trade, manufacturing PMI, and unemployment rate have been...