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Monday, November 23, 2020

Celsius and Bitfinex integration brings easy access to Bitcoin, XRP, and ETH yields

  • The latest integration allows Bitfinex customers to attain Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP yields.
  • After making the announcement, Bitfinex claims the project is delayed due to sudden production difficulties.
  • The project will provide its customers with significant yearly yields on their BTC, ETH, and XRP holdings.

The long-awaiting collaboration between Celsius and Bitfinex is finally making the news. As appealing as it may sound, the integration of Bitfinex and Celsius brings great advantages to the customers.

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As per the announcement today, the Bitfinex & Celsius Network integration will allow the users to get easy access to their Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum holdings.

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If you’re a Bitfinex customer, then all you have to do is make an account on the Celsius Network and keep a hold of your finances.

Significant news for Bitfinex customers

This integration is not all about managing your account on the Celsius Network. Here’s the main deal out of the collaboration for Bitfinex customers:

  • Gain around 6.2% annual percentage yield on the BTC holdings
  • Earn about 6.2% annual percentage yield on ETH holdings
  • Earn about 4.91% annual percentage yield on XRP holdings

This integration will prove to be a great deal for people who look up to BTC/USD as a long-term investment plan.

“We wish to empower the people, so they can take control of their finances. We expect this offering to appeal to customers that have bought Bitcoin as a long-term store of value, and who also want to earn on their assets while they hold,” as per the CTO Paolo Ardoino of Bitfinex.

Another best thing about the collaboration is that the rewards are daily accrued in your account, which you can take out on weekly basis. Also, if you wish to withdraw your amount, then the Celsius Network will not charge you for anything and you can do it swiftly

Our integration with Bitfinex extends the mission and focus of both companies to bring the next 100 million people into the crypto community and do it while we do good before we all do well. Celsius’s commitment to reward our users with 80% of the value we create is now available to all Bitfinex customers,” says Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius.

Bitfinex is also working with the DeFi space to create a new space for people looking to play with their cryptocurrency. Despite the announcement, the project has delayed the launch amid production issues, however, it is expected to go live on 15 September 2020.

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