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BelowDeck Chef Rachel Hargrove Slammed Austen Kroll In Scathing Tweets

Chef Rachel Hargrove has been airing out all her feelings for Austin Kroll. In a recent series of tweets, the chef has smashed the ‘southern charm’ star stating that he is a ‘‘narcissistic’ guy on @BravoTV. The chef and the star stated this on her Twitter account on Tuesday, as she attached an article about the star.

After that, Hargrove shared several deleted messages between herself and Bravo’s public relations department member. She stated in her tweets that she would not be sitting down; instead, she would stand up and is all tired of the BS. She said that she has refused to participate in this year’s BravoCon, an annual meet and greet event for @BravoTV stars. She said that she had had enough of the bullies on TV. 

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Page Six has asked Kroll and Bravo representatives for comments. Hargrove asserted in the text exchange that Kroll had repeatedly treated her impolitely.

Rachel Hargrove Slammed Austen Kroll With Tweets: 

Rachel Hargrove stated that the star was in Tampa, and there was a fort Lauderdale where she lives; they hung around, and it was great until she went to meet Austin’s team for brewing. She said that they were hanging out, and her colleague did not like that the chef was not much into parties and was not playing along with him. 

Rachel Hargrove also noted that Kroll was mean to her on different occasions. She said that Kroll was an idiot. She continued to rant about Austin in some more tweets. Many Twitter users argued that Hargrove’s jabs at Kroll seemed to come out of left field in their responses to the nasty remarks.

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According to a recent report from Page Six, Kroll and LeCroy dated intermittently for two years before calling to quit in 2020. The former lovers have remained at odds since their breakup.

Currently, LeCroy and Brett Randle are engaged, while Kroll is reportedly seeing Olivia Flowers.

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