Chelsea Handler Hasn’t Talked To Ex-Partner Jo Koy

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Following their separation earlier in the end of the year and, Chelsea Handler has not yet spoken with the former boyfriend Jo Koy in “a while.”

The comic said that unless Koy took “accountability” regarding his role in their breakup, the pair—who had been good friends before the couple started to date in 2021—couldn’t mend their bond.

Chelsea Handler said that she thinks there has to be some sense of accountability, in a relationship, especially after what her erstwhile boyfriend did in the podcast of ‘Now What ‘ of Brooke Shield.

She said that she does not think that they can continue their friendship again until there is any sense of accountability and until he takes any responsibility of the situation.

The stand-up comedian said their relationship “delegated” over the course of their 11-month romance, though she wouldn’t say specifically what Jo Koy, 51, was just not accepting responsibility for.

Chelsea Handler Is Not Talking With Ex Partner And Friend JO Koy:

Chelsea Handler has explained that there were some behaviors that they cannot agree on. She said that it felt like She had to abandon her basic ideologies that she could have never accepted now.

She said that even though she was in love with Jo Koy, she will never let go of her those ideologies. She said that she will never she is never going to change her behaviors to please someone.

The two also couldn’t agree on “many instances,” Chelsea Handler continued, and despite her belief that treatment may be helpful, “it did not.” In the end, she declared that it was evident that Jo Koy really wasn’t her “person.”

In July 2022, Jo Koy and Chelsea Handler announced their separation. The writer of “Life Will Be the Death of Me” stated that the two were “taking a break.”