Chloe Bailey Opens Up About How Facing Criticism Almost Killed Her Mentally

Chloe Bailey

In one of her recent interviews, the American singer-songwriter, star Chloe Bailey spoke about what it feels like to be on the road and performing while struggling with insecurities.

The gorgeous musician Chloe Bailey might appear to be super confident on the outside in her performances, but on the inside, her real story is quite far from it. Speaking out about the initial stages of her career, she couldn’t help but voice out some of her insecurities at the time. Chloe Bailey opened up about fearing she did not have it in her without her sister. ‘Have Mercy’, her first single with which she appeared in the spotlight, actress, and musician Chloe Bailey said that, adding to her pre-existing insecurities, several critics had started to criticize her for apparently being too hot. 

Chloe Bailey Writes Songs About Grief And Healing

Although, on the outside the star made it seem as if nothing bothered her, deep down it really affected her mental well-being, said she in a candid interview. The criticisms eventually got the better of her, and she had to delete her social media as well in order to cope with it.

The “Ungodly Away” singer made the decision to draw inspiration from her worst moments when creating the songs for her first album ‘In Pieces’, which will be released on Friday. In a vulnerable position, Bailey recalled that she wanted her album to deal with the different forms of grief. She said that she wanted to sing mostly about the times when it becomes so important for a person to just love themselves, for all the things they have been through.

Audiences will get a peek into the tops and lows Chloe Bailey has experienced all through her life and career through the music she has created in ‘In Pieces’ as well as her upcoming tour.