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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Chris Cuomo Hints At Something New In His Latest Instagram Story

Chris Cuomo, a former CNN anchor, teased a comeback in a shirtless Instagram image.

In a video released on his account on Friday, Cuomo, a former CNN anchor who was fired by the network in December 2021, could be seen in several photographs, including one in which he is seen smoking a cigar and another in which he is naked and wearing sunglasses. On Saturday, Cuomo posted a picture of himself at the wheel of a car along with the message that “Free Agents need to know” and that on Monday he will “show you what you are not seeing from Ukraine.” 

Chris Cuomo Was Fired In 2021

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On Cuomo’s website, the “Free Agent” section is located at the top, but clicking it merely brings up the “Something is coming” page. After investigating allegations that Cuomo counseled his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, on a controversy that ultimately cost him the office of governor of New York, all while covering the issue as a journalist, CNN dismissed Cuomo. Chris Cuomo expressed regret in leaving the organization, but said that he “could not be more proud of the staff at ‘Cuomo Prime Time.'”

Cuomo filed an arbitration demand against Turner Services and CNN in March 2022, claiming that the organization’s decision to terminate him violated the terms of their contract and that, in doing so, it slandered him and his journalistic career. His attorneys claim that Turner and CNN violated the agreement’s clear provisions, and he showed interest in suing for the balance of his contract money, which the document estimates to be between $10 million and $15 million. He is also demanding a minimum of $110 million in compensation.

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