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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Christina Applegate’s Life With MS

Life can change at any moment, quite true. Christina Applegate the diva, could never imagine her life with a walking stick. Nobody ever would at the age of 50 at least. But life has another plan for us.

Christina Applegate Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

The 50 years old American actress has taken social media’s help to give a sneak peek into her life. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis last august. Multiple sclerosis cause stiffening muscle, making everyday life difficult and even the ability to move freely. Christina Applegate took a step back from the limelight and gave fans what’s new in her life with her social media handles.

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She shared the news with five walking sticks, captioned “important ceremony coming in” and it is going to be her first time in life going out in public with a stick. She is accepting her new normal and all the challenges coming her way.

She mentions how much love and courage she has received since the diagnosis and has been giving herself the strength to her heads up and face the challenges that might be thrown her way. Friends and fans have been extremely kind towards her, and everyone advised her to keep the positive aspect of life.

Christina Applegate further shares how she can trust and rely on Selma Blair, she can understand what Christina is going through currently, Blair was diagnosed with the same back in 2018. In response, Blair said that she is always there. She is taking advice from her friends in the meantime and keeping her life extremely private.

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