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Christina Haack In A New Relationship; Promises to Put Off Negativities

Christina Haack announced her newly found love and also promised not to give in to any negativities. She asked reporters to be positive instead of having a negative overview.

The actress posted on Instagram recent snapshots of herself and her newly found love interest, Joshua Hall. The couple seemed to have a great time together as they looked into the ocean’s horizon together.

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Christina Haack was very particular about the fact that no negativity should come in between. She promised to take her new relationship in a very positive way and asked all her critics to do the same.

Christina Haack And Joshua Hall Flaunt Their New Relationship, Vows To Start Afresh

A mother of three, Haack explained in her Instagram caption about her newfound interest. She stated that she came into contact with Joshua when she was going through a rehabilitation process. She went further to express how awestruck she was when she met him and how she became emotionally attached. Christina Haack explained that within few days, she was very much in love with Joshua, and wanted to go forward with the relationship. 

However, the 38-year-old Christina was wary of the media attention. She made it very clear that she did not want any negative effects on their chemistry. She accused the media of negative reporting that she thought led to failed relationships of innumerable stars. 

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Christina Haack promised to keep her personal life to herself, away from the limelight without any unwanted hindrances. The actress was earlier married to Tarek El Moussa & Ant Anstead.

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