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Chrome 88 To Get Big Updates In Tab Search And Password Security

Google announced this Tuesday, January 19, that Chrome 88 will be getting an enhanced password protection security feature and tab search with the new update.

The new security feature is one of the biggest updates for Chrome 88 for a long time. This password protection feature will help users to create stronger passwords for their accounts. The feature is likely to be more user-friendly as it will point out to a user when the set password is weak and give out suggestions as to how to make it stronger for better protection.

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Most of us tend to settle for a weak password but Google says that the time for weak passwords is over and a new era of better security will dawn with the launch of the new Chrome 88 update.

Flurry Of Updates In Chrome 88, Check Out All

Other than this, Google mentioned in a statement that Chrome 88 will have a separate location to store multiple passwords and usernames. This is likely to make it more convenient for users managing multiple Google accounts simultaneously. To access this new feature, users have to go to Chrome Setting on their PC or iOS. You can change, save and update all your passwords from one convenient location from now on. Google further states that a similar feature will also be made available on Androids soon.

But that is not the end. Along with an enhanced security setting, Chrome 88 update also contains a lot of other new changes including improved Dark Theme support, exclusion of FTP from Google Chrome, removal of the Legacy Browser Support add-on and so on. Chrome 88 update will also bring less intrusive permission requests, and a Chrome flag tab search feature. There will also be a number of developer goodies like Digital Goods API, WebXR, Anchor target, CSS aspect ratio property, Origin Isolation and JavaScript Engine along others.

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