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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Cities Offer $12,000 In Stimulus Checks Even As The Fourth Stimulus Stays On Hold

The pre-pandemic period never considered basic income as mainstream political thought. It remained in the realms of enlightened political theories. But the pandemic and the accompanying stimulus check changed it all.

The right to a basic income is an idea that is becoming more acceptable, along with other visible add-ons such as lockdowns, mask mandates, sterilization, and stimulus check.

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The ‘lite’ version of the stimulus check, the Child Tax Credit payments have been going out since July and will continue to December this year. But the end of the enhanced unemployment support has meant that over 9 million people were suddenly out of that basic weekly income since September.

Stimulus Check: Cities Are Coming Up With Substantial Support

In this scenario, the states and individual cities have come into the picture, flush with funds from the federal government.

For instance, Los Angeles has approved a Basic Income Guarantee program worth $40M. Around 3,000 individuals and families affected by the pandemic will get $1,000 each month for a year. There are restrictions on how benefiting families can use the amount.

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To qualify for the stimulus check, the applicant must be a resident of Los Angeles, aged over 18, and have income below the poverty mark.

The City Council of Chicago is voting to approve a plan that will support 5,000 homes with $500 every month.

California continues to send out their state stimulus check worth $600 plus another $500 to families with declared dependents.

Ann Arbor in Michigan is planning on spending over $24M in funds it received from the federal administration. An option being weighed is to give $500 stimulus checks to certain families for 3 years.

The City Council of Pittsburgh has indicated their support for an identical program where 200 families and individuals with low-income will get $500 each month for the next 2 years. Some of these incomes come to over $12,000 cumulatively.

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