Clayton Echard And Susie Evans Of ‘Bachelor’ Fame Have Decided To Call It Quits 

Clayton Echard

Both Clayton Echard and Susie Evans, of Season 26 of ‘Bachelor’ fame took to their social media handles to announce that they had decided to end their relationship after a lot of introspection.

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans Said It Was A Devastating Decision For Them 

They were both distraught after their decision but they were also unanimous in their thoughts that they both had to do it for their betterment. They did not divulge any specific reason as to what had prompted them to take this ultimate step. Clayton and Susie have both said that the media glare had taken its toll on them. Things have sometimes been blown out of proportion which has hurt their sentiments deeply.

After The Fantasy Suits show, Clayton, the reality star, admitted that he had told all three women – Rachael Reccia, Gabby Windy, and Susie Evans that he had a soft corner for them.  Finally, he had zeroed down on Evans because his feelings were deeper for her. 

Their decision to call it quits was not accepted by many. They said it is excruciatingly difficult for us to do this but we want to work on ourselves and become more mature and serious about life at large. We would be very happy if our well-wishers would understand and help us through this journey.

Clayton Echard had dropped hints in August on Dean Media that they were both on unsure grounds. He would settle in Arizona while she would go to LA. They had both briefly stayed together in Virginia Beach. Evans too had told Nick Viall that if Clayton proposed to her she would refuse because she was still indecisive about her future.