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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

CLDR Is Expected To Issue An EPS Of $0.11 For This Quarter

Several research analysts have already predicted that the stocks of CLDR would be posting an EPS of $0.11 for the present quarter. According to reports, three investment analysts working on the firm have already estimated the earnings of the company, with the highest estimate featuring at $0.12, and the lowest fixating at $0.11. The company did produce an EPS of $0.04 the previous year, so it indicated a positive annual growth rate of 175%. The company will be producing its next earnings data on the 9th of March. 

The Quarterly Earnings of CLDR

The stocks of CLDR did release their last quarterly earnings results on the 2nd of December. The EPS reported by the company for that quarter was $0.15, which comfortably beat out the consensus estimate of $0.09. The revenue generated by the company at that time was $217.90, which was more than the consensus estimate of $208.96 million. Cloudera’s return on equity was -6.53%, while the net margin was -20.16%. 

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There have been quite a number of firms that have commented on the stocks of CLDR. Barclays has already increased its target price on the stocks of the firm from $12 to $14 in one of their research reports while giving the stocks a rating of ‘equal weight’. Morgan Stanley increased the price target on the company’s stock from $15 to $16, while giving the company a rating of ‘overweight’.

JMP Securities has also increased the price objective on the firm from $17 to $19, and a rating of ‘market perform’ on the company’s stocks. Finally, TheStreet came in to upgrade the stocks of CLDR from ‘d+’ to ‘c-’ in a 3rd December report. Currently, the consensus rating of the stock is ‘Hold’, while the price target is $13.67. 


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