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Colizeum Manages To Raise $4.8Mn From Well-Known Investors

Colizeum is seeing rapid progress. It is a shortcut without friction for developers of mobile games for implementing game modes that are tokenized as well as mechanics involving play-to-earn.

It is a solution for SDK (software development kit) that can be integrated by game developers regardless of how much they know about developing blockchain. Furthermore, developers of games can combine monetization options with game modes that are tokenized. Finally, the combined model can be used to transform the game that already exists into a P2E blockchain model.

The Vision Of Colizeum Attracts Many

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The vision offered by Colizeum has been deemed attractive enough for several well-known investors in the blockchain. The latest round of fundraising, which raised $8.4Mn, included leaders such as Genblock Capital, LD Capital, Axia8, SevenX Ventures, and Derbit.

Some of the remaining participants were Tokenomik, Basics Capital, Pluto Digital, AU21 Capital, CRT Capital, Good Games Guild, Profluent Ventures, X21 Digital, DWeb3, Momentum 6, and TPS Capital.

Furthermore, Colizeum is also welcoming one of the most-awarded players in DotA (Defence of the Ancients) into its team – Sheng Wu. As such, the team is being expanded via an expert individual who is greatly experienced in the industry of video games. This has also made Colizeum even more popular with regards to what it can offer for the present as well as future developers of mobile games.

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Colizeum was founded last year. Its team has a combination of vast mobile gaming experience as well as renowned experts in the world of blockchain and crypto. Beetroot Lab was founded by the team. One of their most important awards and success when it comes to their products is Dystopia: Contest of Heroes.

The immense development and research of the project have been ongoing for about 6 months.

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