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Although Costco Stock Has Low Yield, It Is A Profitable Dividend Stock

Berkshire Hathaway of Buffett sold the entire Costco stock or NASDAQ: COST in the last quarter and this took everyone by great surprise. Nonetheless, this renowned investor might have had his personal reasons behind this big step to sell the entirety of Costco stock which does not necessarily imply that other investors must also follow his step. Costco stock boasts of an extraordinary and distinguished model of business with strong growth as well as an excellent trajectory that has a positive future ahead. These and many other key factors make Costco stock an ideal candidate for the portfolio of long-term investment in the stock market.

Customers have to make an annual fee payment of $60 to acquire the basic membership along with $120 in case you want an executive membership to enjoy the privileges that allow shopping at Costco’s huge warehouses as well as getting benefits of the extremely low prices. Retaining members by Costco stock is a strong point which is almost 90% in each quarter along with acquiring additional customers which increase by million annually.

Costco Stock (NASDAQ: COST) Special Dividends

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Costco stock (NASDAQ: COST) has continually been a massive winner throughout the COVID-19 pandemic even though the people have spent most of their money on buying only essentials. Costco has even closed a few of their non-essential departments including hearing aids and travel during the pandemic lockdowns. However, sales in the 3rd quarter of the fiscal year until May have increased by 7.3%. Costco stock sales have increased by 12.5% in the 4th fiscal quarter that ended in late August.

Costco stock closed their 4th quarter by earning an equivalent and cash amount of more than $12 billion and has spent almost $4.4 billion for the purpose of a special dividend.

The company has undoubtedly had an extraordinary year. It has also acquired a 2.6% yield on special dividends for its investors. Evidently Costco stock does not experience very high dividends as they have a $0.70 quarterly yield on each share and yields about 0.73% according to the present price. However, NASDAQ: COST has surged the dividend for the quarter in 2020 by $0.05 each share and keeps on increasing it every year. In 2020, the special dividend is expected to be about 3.4% more than several renowned companies like Coca-Cola that have yielded a mere 3.1% this year, and S&P which yielded 1.8% only.

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Costco stock has also paid special dividends of $7 each share in 2012 as well as 2017 along with $5 each share special dividend in the year 2015.

As a result, Costco stock or NASDAQ: COST is ideal for special dividends.

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