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Costco Stock Has Received a “Buy” Rating From The Brokerage Recommendations

According to ratings, Costco Wholesale Company or NASDAQ: COST has been recommended with a “buy” rating by 32 analysts who are presently analyzing the company’s stock. Almost 11 investment experts have labeled Costco stock with the recommendation of “hold” and 18 have given a “buy” rating to the stock. The one-year average objective considered by the brokerages which have allotted Costco stock ratings within 2020 stands to be $379.65.

Ratings And Valuations Of Costco Stock

On 8th October, Thursday, Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft upsurged the aim price of Costco stock to $310 from $305 and issued a rating of “hold”. They also stated that this decision was a call for valuation. Stifel Nicolaus increased the Costco stock aim price to $375 from $360 on 3rd September, Thursday. They also gave a rating of “buy”. Oppenheimer hiked the target price of Costco company stock to $400 from $380 on 3rd September, Thursday. They also labeled the stock with a rating of “outperform”. Credit Suisse Group surged the aim price of Costco Company to $370 from a mere $328 on 6th October, Tuesday. They also gave a rating of “neutral”. Ultimately, MKM partners increased the target price of Costco stock to $352 from $320 on 25th September, Friday. They issued a rating of “neutral”.

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On Monday, the shares of Costco began trading at $378.84. Costco stock lately holds a 1.13 current quotient, a 0.64 quick proportion, and a 0.40 debt to equity quotient. The company has $165.77 billion under market capitalization. Their PE quotient is 42, P/E/G is 4.58, and beta stands at 0.66. The business enterprise stated that their lowest within the last twelve months was $271.28 whereas, the highest was $389.50. Costco stock also showed a $367.55 as their fifty-day average moving price. $332.64 was Costco Company’s two hundred day average moving price.

On 24th September, Thursday, Costco stock revealed its quarterly report which stated that their EPS was $3.13 while consensus prediction was $2.85. The revenue of the company was $52.28 billion as compared to $$52.03 billion estimates. Costco revealed a 22.71% equity return and a 2.40% net margin. Estimates suggest that the present quarterly report will show a 9.69 EPS.

The company paid a quarterly dividend worth $0.70 which signaled a year-end-year dividend of $2.80 as well as a yield standing at 0.74% on 30th October, Friday.

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Joseph Portera, VP, earned $2,088,000 by selling 6,000 shares at $348 EPS. Currently, he owns $2,161,428 worth of shares. Richard Galanti, CFO made a sale of 1,754 Costco stock shares at $345 and earned $605,130. Presently, he owns shares worth $3,669,587. Insiders own almost 0.22% of Costco stock.

Rock Group LP is the owner of 1,190 shares worth $422,000 following their 137 shares purchase. North Star Corporation surged Costco stock by 2% after purchasing 188 shares. Now they own 9,567 total shares worth $3,396,000. Oak Capital LLC now has 36,045 shares after purchasing 21,958 shares and it is valued at $10,929,000.

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