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Courteney Cox Says Daughter Coco Is Unfazed by Celebrities, ‘I Cannot Impress That Girl’

Courteney Cox talks about how her teenage daughter wasn’t starstruck after she met Zac Efron at only 4 years old.

Cox’s daughter is surprisingly unimpressed by her mom’s famous friends.

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Courteney Cox, 57, made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! On Monday and chatted about her 17-year-old daughter Coco. She revealed that the teenager isn’t the type to get starstruck by the many celebrities who have visited their home.

“I cannot impress that girl. I just can’t,” Cox admitted. “When she was about 4, Zac Efron came over and [James] Marsden and she literally freaked out like, ‘I want to go home!’ And I’m like, ‘You are home.’ She just couldn’t handle it. But now, it doesn’t matter.”

The actress added that Coco is even unfazed that Ed Sheeran is regularly hanging out at her house. 

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“I’m like, do you want to sing with Ed tonight? And she’s like, ‘Mmm no.’ So I really bribe her to do things with me.”

Courteney Cox Has To Bribe Her Daughter To Do Things With Her

Asked how she bribes her daughter, the Scream star explained, “First of all, I say, ‘Do you mind doing a post with me?’ “

“‘Mom, stop using me for your Instagram!’ ” Cox mimicked Coco’s response while laughing. “I’m like, you use me all the time.” 

Courteney Cox joked that she typically bribes her daughter with letting her stay out later or allowing her to eat in her room.

The bribes seemingly do the job as Coco often appears on her mom’s Instagram. 

Back in October, Cox shared a video of the mother-daughter duo teaming up with Natasha Bedingfield to deliver a rendition of the British singer’s hit song “Unwritten” for UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability benefit gala.

In the clip, Coco and Bedingfield, 39, sang the 2004 track while Cox accompanied them on the piano. 

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