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Creepy Doll Locations – Wasteland 3 Wiki Guide

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“She’d like to see the whole world burn, afterwards it’s her own turn!”

  • Bonus Granted: Explosive Damage Bonus +5.0% for squad

Radical Rachel is just a Creepy Doll positioned in the Ranger HQ base, your major place of operations in Colorado. To believe it is, once you gain control of the base and install your self as commander, head right down to the right at night mess hall to the Archives Room – which is filled with computer desks and a few beasts. Search the corner of the room left of the doorway and you ought to find a container with the doll.

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“Sweet and mousy is her look, but she’s got your secrets in her book!”

  • Bonus Granted: Perception +1 for squad

Keen Karen is a Creepy Doll located in the Garden of the Gods on the north side of Colorado Springs town. Once you’ve entered the area to fight the Dorseys that have taken over, try to find the large battleground near where the Dorsey’s have dumped bodies in to a mass grave, and on the left side you will find a large snowpile. Shift the camera to see a path under the snowdrift and on the reverse side you can find a dirt pile to discover the doll.


“Dad said they had too many sons, so Maury ate the smaller ones!”

  • Bonus Granted: +15 Con for squad

Maneater Maury is just a Creepy Doll on the outskirts of the Bizarre, near the entrance to the parking garage north of the Bizarre entrance. Once you’ve entered the area, head north and right to look for a road patrolled by Bomb Bots, and look for a northern road to a metal bridge. Just to the proper of this bridge is a small downward slope ending in a dead end with a duffel bag – and inside you’ll find the doll.

“Their armor is useless in a scrap, Lance only needs a tiny gap!”

  • Bonus Granted: +1 Penetration for squad

Lethal Lance is a Creepy Doll located in the Monster Army Bunker, that is the target of a side quest you are able to undertake at the Bizarre called Cinema Verite. Once in the bunker, you will find the doll after you participate in a fight a few drilldogs and a shockdog.

“Corey has a heartless gaze, but the neighborhood is free of strays!”

  • Bonus Granted: Damage vs. Animals +5% to squad

Cruel Corey is a Creepy Doll located in the Denver Ruins of Colorado, that you can explore in your path to fight the Gippers and Valor Buchannan. The doll is located in the Gippers’ White House – which you yourself can find on the left side of the hall as you enter.

  • Bonus: +5% Energy Damage for squad

Electric Emmett is a Creepy Doll located at the Machine Commune in Denver, Colorado. The doll involved is buried in a concealed spot over by the terminal area’s exit, and is located near some Killer Bots.

“He hates all people with his soul, so he rages like a great asshole!”

  • Bonus: +5% Damage vs. Humans for squad

Fuckin’ Fred is a Creepy Doll located in the Old Survivalist Bunker, which you yourself can explore underneath Broadmoor Heights within a side quest distributed by Angela Deth. He’s located in a side room near Clouds-Drifting-West, but the door is locked and requires Lockpicking 8 to reach the doll.

“The shadows come at the end of the day, never blink or look away!”

  • Bonus: Detection Time +0.5 seconds for squad

Nervous Nancy is a Creepy Doll located at the Department of Energy Site in Colorado. Once only at that location, locate a group of vending machines and many landmines to get the doll.

“Why even sweat the medical drama if you come back from every trauma?”

  • Bonus: Healing Bonus +10% for squad

Hearty Henry is a Creep Doll located early on in the Aspen region of Colorado where you need to seek out Victory Buchanan. Once in Aspen, explore the bunker area that’s full of various loot and a dead body with a duffel bag – inside you will find the doll..

“Someone asked why she was pissed, she made them eat her entire fist!”

  • Bonus Granted: Melee Damage Bonus: +5.0% for squad

Ferocious Francesa is a Creepy Doll located in Aspen when taking care of The Psychopath primary mission. This doll is in a duffel bag container behind the cage that Ranger Rook is being held captive in. This room is in Little Hell within Aspen in which a bunch of Breather enemies are outside the door to this cage. Rescuing Rook is just a part of the Raising a Little Hell primary mission that will help cause you to this Creepy Doll location.

“It takes patience to fight with skill, there’s time to kill and a time to kill!”

  • Bonus: +2% Hit Chance for squad

Zen Zoey is a Creepy Doll located at the Snowed Inn Resort where Nelius Dorsey and his gang are holed up in within the Frontier Justice quest. You will find the doll out in the wild yard where you have to accept a few Razorback creatures down on the far right side.

“The race goes rarely to the nice, he’ll be the first to make a slice!”

  • Bonus: Sneak Attack Damage +5% for squad

Quick Quaid is a Creepy Doll located at the Knox Bison Ranch, an area that only appears when accepting the Head Hunter sidequest at the Cannibal Jamboree, and only after you’ve cleared out Aspen. Once at the ranch, you can find the doll around Larry’s grave after working with enemies in the region.

“Sweet little fluffs should be protected, nasty mutants should be bisected!”

  • Bonus: Damage vs. Mutants +5% for squad

Purist Patty is just a Creepy Doll that may be found at the Abandoned Oil Well – located far south of the Union Station and the Ghost Town. At this location you’ll find a big tesla coil and a lot of strange people. Attacking one will cause a scene to unfold, and upon waking, everything will undoubtedly be gone, aside from a helmet and the doll. Spooky.

“While sticks and stones may make blood spurt, it’s unkind words that really hurt!

  • Bonus Granted: Crit Resistance: +5% for squad

Angry Aaron is just a Creepy Doll positioned in the Godfisher Windfarm side area inside Yuma County. This doll is nearby the end of the Godfisher Windfarm inside an armor crate container. The crate requires level 10 Lockpicking to unlock and it also has several level 8 Explosive traps surrounding it. Head to cina side of the Godfisher Windfarm to find this doll.

“Caffeine gives your day a start, ignore the strain upon your heart!”

  • Bonus: +5% Initiative for squad

Hyper Heather is the last Creepy Doll, that is located at the Yuma County Speedway inside Yuma County, of course. Head to the area where you confront Liberty Buchanan, and before directly confronting her, you will find a trapped locker that will require Explosives 8 to disarm – and inside may be the doll you seek.

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