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Friday, July 1, 2022

Crypto.Com Officially Partners Angel City FC

Crypto.com has made a great breakthrough. The cryptocurrency-based company has its origin in Singapore. It specializes in dealing with and exchanging cryptocurrencies. The newest form of currency has seen itself rise like a meteor. The crypto market has grown significantly in the last few years. As a result, everyone associated with the market has benefitted in a great manner. 

The Singapore-based company has been no exception. They have made large profits in the recent past. In an attempt to expand their business, they have decided to invest in sports. Soccer is one of the most famous sports in America. 

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The MLB is a league that attracts a lot of spectators. However, the company decided to help the women instead. Thus, they decided to sponsor the women’s team of Los Angeles. Angel City FC has confirmed the partnership recently. The deal has also been finalized by the crypto company. 

Crypto.com stated that they wanted to help women play more freely. A spokesperson for the company stated that the deal focused more on the empowerment of women. The sponsorship would bring a lot of opportunities for the players. Educational and financial options have been expanded by virtue of the partnership. Let us learn more about the deal in detail below. 

Crypto.com & Angel City FC Are Now A Team 

The deal with Angel City FC is beneficial for the crypto company as well. The football team has a huge fan base in America. The partnership would do a world of good in terms of brand exposure. They have also vowed to increase the interest in cryptocurrency among players and supporters. 

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Crypto.com has been seeing an upward curve in its business lately. They acquired the rights to name the Staples Center recently. The deal has been signed for a period of twenty years. A provision of $700million has been sanctioned for the deal. 

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